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Do you want the very best deal on a webinar service? Discover the lowest-cost GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting that are better then Zoom or Webex or Adobe Connect. For just $99 per month, you can get a 2,000-attendee-seat GoToWebinar license plus a FREE 25-attendee-seat GoToWebinar license.

12 Months @ $99 per Month = $1,188
License is transferable to existing and new Logmein accounts.

Do you or someone you know offer webinars? For over 10 years, we have been using GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting. As an early adopter of the technology, we are fortunately, “grandfathered” in for a 80% discount off current rates. The good news is the licenses that can be assigned and transferred to other people or companies anywhere in the world.  Once your payment has been processed, your account will be activated within 24 hours.

SAVE 80% on Logmein Plans which would normally cost $5,017 per year. Your cost is only $1,188 for a full year. Compare to Logmein's regular rates HERE.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Thomas. Email JenniferThomas@TheSOLUTIONSpeopleStore.com or phone (312) 536-8330 (Chicago).