20 Questions

    20 Questions to Get Brains in Gear to Develop Better Creative SolutionsInvestigating Needs

    • 1. What is your goal, challenge or problem?

    • 2. Who are the customers or audiences?

    • 3. What is needed, wanted or wished?

    • 4. What should people BE?

    • 5. What should people KNOW?

    • 6. What should people FEEL?

    • 7. What should people HAVE?

    • 8. What should people DO?

    • 9. What should people THINK?

    • 10. How should success LOOK, FEEL, SOUND, SMELL, and TASTE?

    Creating Ideas

    • 11. What might be changed or improved?

    • 12. If the sky is the limit, what might be possible?

    • 13. What seems impossible, but if could happen might improve the situations?

    • 14. What might be simplified, substituted, combined, adapted, magnified, minified, put to other uses, eliminated, or rearranged?

    • 15. What look, sounds, feelings, tastes or smells might be used or changed?

    • 16. What might be some fun, humorous or crazy ideas?

    • 17. How might other people approach or change the situations?

    • 18. What ideas might be borrowed from movies, films, theater, television, music, books or the internet?

    • 19. What metaphors, analogies or similes might relate to the situations?

    • 20. If people had unlimited money and resources, what might be done?

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