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Accerating Innovation Workshop and KnowBrainer Training

Experience award-winning innovation training that will help you innovate better faster and smarter. Discover your full creative potential using the new KnowBrainer Creative Thinker Tool that increases creativity by over 530%. Get your innovation toolkit filled with resources that inspire breakthrough thinking. Enjoy interactive training experiences facilitated by Gerald "Solutionman" Haman and The Solutionators at the Pop-Up THINKubator in Chicago.

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Training Goals

  • Learn New Innovation Tools, Techniques and Processes
  • Discover Better Ways to Think Outside the Box
  • Apply Proven Accelerated Innovation Process to Your Real-World Goals, Challenges, and Problems 
  • Grow Your Personal Network of Innovative Thinkers and Workshop Alumni via Linkedin

Expect Significant ROI (Return On Innovation)

“Accelerating Innovation created business solutions worth millions of dollars in new revenue and cost efficiencies, as well as billions worth of new accounts. Training is a one-of-a-kind program that generated a 75% increase in innovation knowledge and a 30% increase in innovation ability.” - Association for Talent Development (ATD) Learning Excellence Citation

“I highly recommend Accelerating Innovation if you want to jump start your organization to produce innovative products or services.” - Dan Love, President, Medline

“We have regained our industry leadership position for innovation as a result of the Accelerating Innovation Training.” - Gary Peterson, Vice President, Life Fitness

Apply Training to Your Real-World Opportunities

  • Innovation Performance Improvement
  • Sales, Marketing and Revenue Growth
  • New Product and Service Development
  • Experience, Meeting and Event Design
  • Human Resources and Talent Development
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    Agenda Topics

    Process Stage 1: Investigating Needs

    • Collaborate to Create™ Teambuilding
    • Communicate to Create™ Messaging
    • Questionate to Create™ Question Banking

    Process Stage 2: Creating Ideas

    • Stimulate to Create™ Brain Tools
    • Ideate to Create™ THINKathons
    • Decorate to Create™ Space Design
    • Relate to Create™ Networking

    Process Stage 3: Evaluating Solutions

    • Collaborate to Innovate™ Teambuilding
    • Evaluate to Innovate™ Solution Focus
    • Evaluate to Innovate™ Solution Analysis

    Process Stage 4: Activating Plans

    • Activate to Innovate™ Action Planning
    • Appreciate to Innovate™ Action Review
    • Celebrate to Innovate™ Follow-Up Planning

    Leading Companies Benefited From This Training

    Abbott, Accenture, American Express, AT&T, Baxter, Capital One, Cargill, Coca-Cola, DDB, Dow-DuPont, EY, FedEx, Frito-Lay, GE, General Motors, Gillette, Google, GSD&M, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Life Fitness, McDonald’s, McKinsey, Medline, Microsoft, Nike, Ogilvy, Oracle, P&G, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Quaker, Red Bull, Roche, Samsung, Starbucks, Takeda, The Marketing Arm, Timex, and Unilever

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    Innovation Tool Box

    Get a Bigger Innovation Tool Box Including:

    • KnowBrainer™ 2020 Innovation Tools ($300 Value)
    • iMUSIC™ and Brain Training Videos ($200 Value)
    • Rocketbook Idea Collection System ($100 Value)
    • Innovation Planning Worksheets 
    • Innovation Question Banks


    Workshop Facilitation Team

    Gerald “Solutionman” Haman and Solutionators from,, THINKubators, THINKathons and the Innovation Association.

    Gerald Solutionman Haman, Gerald Haman, Solutionman, Gerald "Solutionman" Haman

    Attend 2-Day Workshops Held in Chicago, USA

    • February 24-25, 2022
    • March 23-24
    • April 11-12
    • June 13-14

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