Why Consult PLATINUM “Speaker” Sponsor Package - $10,000 Discount Expires May 31, 2024

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PLATINUM “Speaker” Sponsor Deliverables:

  1. 1st Speaker Keynote Presentation (45 Minutes) Beginning at Beginning of Innovation Summit to 40,000 People on July 18, 2024
  2. Profiles Featured in Recommended Posts on ArtificialIntelligenceInnovators.org with 1,000,000 Members
  3. Email to 1,250,000 Linkedin Innovation Group Members Owned by TSPN
  4. News Release of Speaker Profile and Topic to 100,000 Press and News Media Sources

  5. Professionally Edited Video Recording of Speaker Presentations
  6. Professionally Edited Video Recordings of Short Excerpts for Social Media
  7. Private Virtual Coaching Session With Professional Presentation Coach
  8. Listing in AI Speaker Directory on Linkedin
  9. Presentation Slides Published on Slideshare.net and Promoted on Social Media
  10. Post-Event Recognition of Speaker with a “Linkedin Kudos” Post to 59,000 Linkedin Followers
  11. Presentations are Livestreamed to 60,000 Followers on Linkedin and YouTube
  12. Feature Profile During Speed Networking by NetworkOnZoom.com
  13. Networking Introductions via Email to 110,000 AI Enthusiasts and Experts
  14. Profile in Linkedin VIP Newsletter to 15,000 AI Innovators
  15. Presentation Content Coaching with Gerald "Solutionman" Haman

Discount Expires May 31, 2024