Accelerating Innovation™ Public Training Workshops - SOLUTIONSpeopleSTORE
Accelerating Innovation™ Public Training Workshops - SOLUTIONSpeopleSTORE
Accelerating Innovation™ Public Training Workshops - SOLUTIONSpeopleSTORE
Accelerating Innovation™ Public Training Workshops - SOLUTIONSpeopleSTORE
Accelerating Innovation™ Public Training Workshops - SOLUTIONSpeopleSTORE
Accelerating Innovation™ Public Training Workshops - SOLUTIONSpeopleSTORE

Accelerating Innovation with KnowBrainer Training Workshops

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Experience award-winning innovation training that will help you innovate better faster and smarter. Discover your full creative potential using the new KnowBrainer Creative Thinker Tool that increases creativity by over 530%. Get your innovation toolkit filled with resources that inspire breakthrough thinking. Enjoy interactive training experiences facilitated by Gerald "Solutionman" Haman and The Solutionators in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Seattle.

Questions? Want to register a team or schedule an in-house workshop? Phone:  (312)-536-8330 (Chicago Office) or Email:

You Will Learn to Quickly Think Outside the Box

You Will Learn to Quickly Think Outside the Box

Training Goals

  1. Learn New Innovation Tools, Techniques and Processes
  2. Discover Better Ways to Think Outside the Box
  3. Apply Proven Accelerated Innovation Process to Your Real-World Goals, Challenges, and Problems 
  4. Transform Yourself, Teams and Organizations
  5. Grow Your Personal Network of Innovative Thinkers and Training Workshop Alumni via Linkedin

    2-Day Workshops Held Monthly in Chicago

    • March 24-25
    • April 21-22
    • May 5-6
    • June 9-10

      Expect Significant ROI (Return On Innovation)

      I attended Accelerating Innovation training and then sent the rest of my department. Whenever I hold or attend a meeting, people are amazed at the amount and quality of ideas that come out it. 
      — Katie Schelp, McDonald’s

      I highly recommend Accelerating Innovation training if you want to jump start your organization on producing innovative products or services. 
      —  Dan Love, President, Medline

      Accelerating Innovation created business solutions worth millions of dollars in new revenue and cost efficiencies, as well as billions worth of new accounts. Training is a one-of-a-kind program that generated a 75% increase in innovation knowledge and a 30% increase in innovation ability. 
      — Association for Talent Development (ATD)

      We couldn’t have been more pleased with Accelerating Innovation. From their energy and openness through their fantastic tools like the KnowBrainer, we found the tools to be powerful at bringing new ideas and insights to the forefront quickly and keeping us focused and engaged
      —  Rene Huey-Lipton, VP, GSD&M, Idea City

      We have regained our industry leadership position for innovation as a result of the Accelerating Innovation training. 
      —  Gary Peterson, VP R&D, Life Fitness

      Accelerating Innovation the most valuable training in which I have ever participated. The innovative approach to training combined usable take-away tools like the KnowBrainer, which I still use every week.
      —  Kevin Lawrence, American Express

      Gerald truly is the "Solutionman." He and his team were contracted for multiple innovation workshops across the world (Germany, China, and the US). They were adaptive, creative, energetic, positive, and facilitated a two-day process that produced exciting results. Gerald is a creative genius!   
      Neil Kane, Michigan State University

      Simply an amazing experience. This goes WAY beyond just a creativity workshop. This is applied creativity, and WOW is it powerful. If you are looking to make your business expand exponentially, I highly recommend the training.
       Peter Mars, Artist

      Read Over 50 MORE Testimonials on the Training HERE.

      Apply Training to Your Real-World Opportunities

      Innovation Training Word Cloud, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Planning

      • Planning for Success in 2020
      • Innovation Performance Improvement
      • Sales, Marketing and Revenue Growth
      • New Product and Service Development
      • Experience, Meeting and Event Design
      • Human Resources and Talent Development
      • Business Development
      • Branding and Brand Management
      • Leadership Development
      • Design Thinking
      • Association and Conference Design
      • Teambuilding and Collaboration
      • Strategic Planning
      • Business, Start-up and Technology Planning
      • Career, Life Planning and Personal Growth
      • Customer Service Improvement
      • Organizational Culture Development

      Got a Problem? Get a Solution at this Workshop!

      Got a Problem, Get a Solution at This Workshop

        Learn New Methods to Analyze Ideas and Solutions

        Learn a Process to Develop Innovative Solutions

        Agenda Inspires Interactive Learning

        Agenda Topics Inspire Interaction and Learning

        Training Topics Based Whole-Brain 4-Stage Innovation Process

        4 Quadrant Model 4 Stage Innovation Process

        Stage 1: Investigating Needs

        • Collaborate to Create™ Teambuilding
        • Communicate to Create™ Messaging
        • Questionate to Create™ Question Banking

        Stage 2: Creating Ideas

        • Stimulate to Create™ Brain Tools
        • Ideate to Create™ THINKathons
        • Decorate to Create™ Space Design
        • Relate to Create™ Networking

        Stage 3: Evaluating Solutions

        • Collaborate to Innovate™ Teambuilding
        • Evaluate to Innovate™ Solution Focus
        • Evaluate to Innovate™ Solution Analysis

        Stage 4: Activating Plans

        • Activate to Innovate™ Action Planning
        • Appreciate to Innovate™ Action Review
        • Celebrate to Innovate™ Follow-Up Planning

        Leading Companies Benefited From This Award-Winning Training

        Customers Innovation Training WorkshopsAbbott, Accenture, American Express, AT&T, Baxter, Capital One, Cargill, Coca-Cola, DDB, Dow-DuPont, EY, FedEx, Frito-Lay, GE, General Motors, Gillette, Google, GSD&M, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Life Fitness, McDonald’s, McKinsey, Medline, Microsoft, Nike, Ogilvy, Oracle, P&G, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Quaker, Red Bull, Roche, Samsung, Starbucks, Takeda, The Marketing Arm, Timex, and Unilever

        Innovation Tool Box

        Get a Bigger Innovation Tool Box Valued at $1,000

        • KnowBrainer™ Innovation Tools ($300 Value)
        • KnowBrainer iMUSIC™ (2 Albums)
        • KnowBrainer Brain Training™ HD Video (Library of 6)
        • Rocketbook Idea Collection System & App ($100 Value)
        • Innovation Planning Worksheet (4-Quadrant & 4-Column Planners)
        • THINKathon Worksheets (Question Collector & Idea Exchange Planners)
        • eTemplates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs
        • Innovation Question Banks™ for Meeting Planning, Event Design, Experience Design, Product Development, Strategic Planning and The Experience Economy book
        • Spotify™ Premium Subscription
        • Blinkist™ Book Summaries
        • The Creative Whack Pack™
        • Brainy Thinkers™ Card Sort Deck

        50 Amazing Things You Will Learn From the Training

        1. How to Be a More Innovative Networker
        2. The 8 Questions Every Networker Should Ask
        3. How to Design Environments and Spaces that Inspire Creativity and Innovation
        4. The 8 Questions to Decorate to Innovate
        5. How to Communicate to Innovate
        6. The 4 Primary Types of Innovation
        7. The Top 5 Blocks to Innovative Thinking
        8. The 8 Words Every Innovator Should Know
        9. How to Ask More and Better Questions
        10. The 5-Step Question Banking Method
        11. How to Create Innovative Cultures
        12. The 7 Qualities of Successful Dream Teams
        13. How to Stimulate Brains to Think Better and Faster
        14. The 20 Most Common Thinking Tools and Apps
        15. How to Master KnowBrainer Tools
        16. How to Accelerate Innovation Processes
        17. The 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation Process
        18. The New 3Rs 3-Step Process
        19. The 2-Step Ideate and Filterate Process
        20. The 2-Phase M-Curve Process: How Time Impacts Value
        21. The 3 Ways to Optimize Every Process
        22. How to Kick Start Innovative Thinking
        23. The 6 Best Investigative Questions
        24. Powerful Question Collection Techniques
        25. The 88 Best Meeting and Event Planning Questions
        26. The 8 Innovation Conversation Questions
        27. How Music Can Inspire Better Thinking
        28. Why Creativity Decreases as Aging Increases
        29. Why Creativity Should Increase as You Get Older
        30. Top 10 Songs that Inspire Creativity and Innovation
        31. Time Management for Creative People
        32. How to Better Understand Needs, Wants and Wishes
        33. The Top 10 Investigation Questions
        34. How to Quickly Generate Bright Ideas
        35. The Idea Exchange Brainstorming Technique
        36. The Top 10 Creative Questions
        37. How to Select the Best Solutions
        38. The Top 10 Evaluation Questions
        39. The 7 Most Common Evaluation Criteria
        40. The 10 Most Frequent Objections to Ideas
        41. The 8 Great Questions for Selling Ideas
        42. The Top 10 Most Persuasive Words
        43. How to Be More Interesting
        44. How to Get Things Done
        45. The Top 10 Action Planning Questions
        46. How to Remember What You Learn
        47. How to Organize Your Ideas and Plans
        48. How to Continuously Innovate
        49. The 7 Ways to Increase ROI (Return On Ideas)
        50. Great Ways to Celebrate the Results of Innovation

        Learn How to Facilitate Meetings to Bring Out Better Brainpower

        Learn How to Facilitate Meetings to Bring Out Better Brainpower


        Learn Creative Exercises to Build Mental Fitness

        Learn Creative Exercises to Build Mental Fitness

        Training Facilitated by Team of Certified Innovation TrainersFacilitated by SOLUTIONMAN and the SOLUTIONators

        Gerald “Solutionman” Haman and Solutionators (trained brains) from SOLUTIONSpeople, THINKubators, THINKathons, the Innovation Association and  Solutionman has personally trained over 50,000 people from 26 countries

        Register to Attend 2-Day Workshops Held Every Month in Chicago

        • March 24-25
        • April 21-22
        • May 5-6
        • June 9-10

        Questions? Want to register a team or schedule an in-house workshop? Phone:  (312)-536-8330 (Chicago Office) or Email: